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Faith2Action Michigan exists to declare truth that will empower reformers' participation in government, introduce and support strategies that keep children safe in the womb and in the classroom, stand for the protection of liberties, and defend the expression of God in family. 

Declaring Truth & Empowering Reformers' Participation in Government

Our history has been aggressively rewritten and grossly mistaught for decades. This was not by accident. This has been a planned, calculated, and long-term attack on the American people to remove “ancient boundary markers” that stand in the way of the Progressive agenda. Make no mistake, the end goal of all of this is a Marxist revolution that will upend America as we know it. Faith2Action Michigan is combatting this attack by educating and equipping reformers and releasing practical heaven-given strategies. This is being done by offering classes and by developing regional gatherings in the state. Through this equipping, we will not only be able to identify these threats, but we will beat them. We must know our foundation and discern our current realities if we are to advance in our time. 

​Introducing and Supporting Strategies That Keep Children Safe in the Womb and in the Classroom

It is very obvious at the present moment that our children are under attack. Faith2Action Michigan is working to protect children in the classroom by pursuing an opt-out strategy for families with children who are school-aged. Faith2Action Michigan is also looking to remove the exemption for teachers and librarians in Michigan's Obscenity Laws. This opt-out strategy and the removal of exemptions for teachers and librarians in Michigan's Obscenity Laws will protect Michigan children from being groomed and exposed to sexually explicit materials while at school.


Faith2Action Michigan is affiliated with Faith2Action, which is the birthplace of the Heartbeat Bill. The Heartbeat Bill ensures that “If a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected.” Heartbeat Bills have been introduced in 29 states and passed in ten (and counting). ​This is just the beginning of Faith2Action Michigan's fight for the unborn. Prior to the passing of Proposal 3, Faith2Action Michigan was working on legislation that would recognize a person as a person at the moment of conception, when a unique human strand of DNA is formed. Therefore, all of Michigan's Civil Rights Laws would apply to those in the womb, from the moment of conception. With the passing of Proposal 3, Faith2Action Michigan has shifted focus, strategizing how to remove this amendment from the Michigan Constitution. Once this amendment is removed, our legislation that protects the unborn from the moment of conception will be pursued.

Standing for the Protection of Liberties

If we lose secure elections, we lose our state and our country. Many in the “conservative movement” are trying to back away from the topic of election integrity because they now feel that the political winds have shifted. They feel that election integrity is not a “winning” topic. Truth is always a winning topic. It may not be popular, and it may not always translate to votes, but without a strong commitment to truth we cannot secure our state, much less our republic. Because of this, Faith2Action Michigan is currently working on a federal lawsuit opposing Proposal 2 due to its violations of the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution grants election oversight to the Legislature, and Proposal 2 directly violates that by granting election oversight to Michigan's Secretary of State. It is imperative that we continue to vigorously work to secure our elections in Michigan and that we not grow tired of standing for truth, righteousness, and integrity.

Defending the Expression of God in Family

Family is God’s original display of His form of government. If individual discipleship of the family is distorted, then that distortion will be represented in every other expression of culture. If a parent’s authority is undermined in the home, society as a whole becomes defiant to authority. If members of the family, such as a mother or father, are seen as dispensable, then as a society we will see individuals as dispensable. Above every other commitment to government, Faith2Action Michigan is committed to seeing individuals, who make up families, strengthened as a holy expression of God’s divine government. Information and programs alone cannot produce this reality in men and women. It must flow from Christ as Head. If God's divine expression of government flowing out of a family is set right, every other dynamic discussed on this page will begin to become clear and aligned. Faith2Action Michigan is working to see this reality established through the authentic discipleship of individuals.

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